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Here at Good Form Pilates (with Leah Hatt), you are not just a number or a swiped membership card. Combining my Pilates experience with a strong background in Physical Therapy is at the centre of my specialized service. Enjoy a tailored, client-centric approach, in a relaxed yet professional setting.



Leah Hatt is a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Pilates Instructor through Polestar Pilates, and Certified Massage Therapist. While working as a physical therapy assistant for the past 15 years, her main focus has been outpatient orthopedics where she combines her manual therapy and Pilates skills to achieve optimal outcomes. Her experience ranges from pediatrics to geriatric populations, and includes rehabilitation from post-operative injuries, orthopedic injuries, incontinence, and chronic disorders such as low back and neck pain.

Leah obtained her Associate in Science Degree in Physical Therapy Assisting (PTA) at Loma Linda University in 2009. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science through the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science at Sacramento State University in 2006. She currently provides physical therapy at ATI Physical Therapy in Renton Highlands, Washington.

Leah Hatt created Good Form Pilates to provide a positive movement experience and improve body mechanics through Pilates. She has a unique ability to enhance a client’s movement through Pilates exercises, myofascial release, and Graston. Her hands on technique teaches clients improved body awareness, breath, flexibility, and strength.


Currently she teaches virtual sessions using the Reformer, Tower of Power, and mat. She also teaches group mat classes and workshops for a more hands on experience. Look at class schedule.


“I believe Pilates should be a fun movement experience that makes more people aware of the potential movement ability that their bodies possess. It gives me great pleasure as a physical therapist assistant, massage therapist, and Pilates instructor, to see clients and patients standing taller and being able to overcome their injuries in order to continue to participate in the activities that excite them.”



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I love working with Leah! She assesses my posture, strengths, areas of weakness, and discusses the areas of my fitness that I want to improve, then she demonstrates and helps guide me through new exercises, making sure I'm using proper form and technique. After completing my workout with her, she suggests exercises I can do at home or at the gym to continue to improve my posture, core strength, and overall fitness. Leah is extremely knowledgeable, and her background in physical therapy makes her an even stronger Pilates instructor. I know I'm in good hands when I'm working with her, and she always has my goals and concerns in mind when working with me. I cannot recommend her enough!
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